February 3C Gathering Update

Being in Appreciation

Join us for a transformative 90-minute online Gathering that celebrates and appreciates the essence of women and our bodies. Our time together is designed to create awareness and honor the unique strengths that reside within the natural rhythm of the feminine experience.

Together we will:

  • explore the positive and empowering aspects of our body, fostering appreciation for its intricacies, strengths, and natural beauty;
  • embrace the wisdom that resides within our experience. Discover how to tap into this innate wisdom to enhance personal growth, resilience, and self-awareness; and
  • recognize and honor the natural rhythms that define the feminine journey. Understand how aligning with these rhythms can maximize strengths and lead to a more fulfilling life.

Who should attend?

  • Women of all ages who are seeking a positive and supportive space for self-discovery.
  • Anyone looking to enhance their appreciation for the female body and its unique strengths.

Join us for an empowering and enlightening journey as we unlock feminine wisdom, celebrate the beauty of the female body, and honor the natural rhythms that shape our strengths.

Together we will engage in conversation, connection, community.

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See you there!

Complete the registration form to sign up and we’ll see you on February 1 at 6:30pm EST/7:30pm Bermuda time.

February 3C Gathering Guides

Aderonke Bademosi Wilson, 3C Gathering Founder

ABWilson is a photographer who is always looking for the next great picture. She specializes in first, getting close to her subjects and then steps back to see what else is going on. As a student and practitioner of Appreciative Inquiry (which uses strengths and successes to find solutions), ABWilson continually asks the question, what is good and where is the beauty in this situation? Sometimes the answer is obvious, other times, ABWilson will take the time, look through the lens of her camera and find the perfect image that may not be obvious at the first glance.

Aderonke Bademosi Wilson, owner of ABWilson Consulting, is a communications and facilitation professional with more than 30 years of experience. She is a certified project management professional and a certified change manager with an extensive background in strategic planning, management and facilitation. She is also experienced and skilled at facilitating large groups addressing pressing national topics.

In her quest for continuous learning, Aderonke is a student and practitioner of Appreciative Inquiry.  She has facilitated community and organization-specific workshops in Bermuda, the United States, and Sierra Leone, West Africa. 

Cynthia Gene, CPQC, CECP, CEOS

Cynthia Gene is a neurodivergent creative coach and a working mother of four. Driven toward holistic well-being and burnout prevention, Cynthia focuses on supporting ADHD and neurodivergent women in the tech industry.

With a rich background spanning 25 years in small business sales, marketing, and operations, Cynthia underwent a transformative career pivot to bring her wealth of experience to coaching and consulting. Her current mission is to guide others through their integrative wellness journey.

Cynthia wears many hats in her pursuit of empowering others. As an XCHANGE Guide, she utilizes her expertise and certifications in Positive Intelligence Mental Fitness, Emotion Code energy healing, and Essential Oil Specialist practices. One distinctive element of Cynthia’s approach is her commitment to empowering women to honor their biological rhythm. She advocates for doing less to be more, recognizing the importance of aligning with one’s natural cycles for increased productivity and overall well-being.

Furthermore, Cynthia is dedicated to healthy habit creation, aiming to prevent self-sabotage and nurture positive change. Through her holistic coaching approach, she assists individuals in integrating their whole selves—mind, body, heart, and soul. Her ultimate goal is to help others achieve both professional and personal aspirations while savoring the richness of work, relationships, and life to the fullest.

Taryn Laakso

Embark on a transformative journey with Taryn Laakso, a holistic leadership coach and trusted guide for global leaders. With over 25 years in HR and high-tech consulting, Taryn is uniquely positioned to unleash your holistic, heart-centered leadership potential. As a mother and stepmom navigating diverse family needs, she understands the intricate balance between personal and professional challenges.

Taryn’s transformative approach empowers leaders to navigate complexity with newfound clarity, authentic communication, and impactful change. Her coaching infuses heart and soul into the leadership journey, integrating the latest insights from neuroscience and psychophysiology. This focus is particularly beneficial for women leaders, fostering a deeper understanding of how to tap into strength by aligning mind, body, and spirit.

Passionate about cultivating a new leadership paradigm, Taryn’s coaching embodies empathy, authenticity, and purpose. Elevate your leadership impact and embark on a profound growth journey with Taryn’s visionary guidance.

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