January 3C Gathering Update


Welcome to our heartwarming 90-minute online workshop on Love—a perfect way to kick off the new year with positivity and self-discovery!

As we embark on this journey together, let’s set intentions for the year ahead. What are your goals and aspirations for cultivating deeper and more expansive love in your life?

Throughout our time together, 3C Gathering Guides, Charmaine Heard and Aderonke Bademosi Wilson will delve into the beautiful landscape of self-love, exploring what a healthy, patient, and loving relationship with yourself truly entails.

Together, we’ll uncover various dimensions of love and learn practical ways to foster more love within ourselves and to generously share that love with others.

Come prepared to engage, reflect, and take steps toward unraveling one of the most profound and enriching emotions in our lives.

Get ready for an exploration that goes beyond the surface, into the heart of what makes love so beautifully complex. Let’s make January’s 3C Gathering a special moment of self-discovery and shared warmth. The introductory cost is $28.00.

See you there!

Complete the registration form to sign up and we’ll see you on January 4 at 6:30pm EST/7:30pm Bermuda time.

January 3C Gathering Guides

Aderonke Bademosi Wilson, 3C Gathering Founder

ABWilson is a photographer who is always looking for the next great picture. She specializes in first, getting close to her subjects and then steps back to see what else is going on. As a student and practitioner of Appreciative Inquiry (which uses strengths and successes to find solutions), ABWilson continually asks the question, what is good and where is the beauty in this situation? Sometimes the answer is obvious, other times, ABWilson will take the time, look through the lens of her camera and find the perfect image that may not be obvious at the first glance.

Aderonke Bademosi Wilson, owner of ABWilson Consulting, is a communications and facilitation professional with more than 30 years of experience. She is a certified project management professional and a certified change manager with an extensive background in strategic planning, management and facilitation. She is also experienced and skilled at facilitating large groups addressing pressing national topics.

In her quest for continuous learning, Aderonke is a student and practitioner of Appreciative Inquiry.  She has facilitated community and organization-specific workshops in Bermuda, the United States, and Sierra Leone, West Africa. 

Charmaine Heard, Love and Healthy Relationships Advocate

Charmaine is a dual certified international relationship Coach, specifically trained in love and relationships. She supports individuals, groups, and organizations to develop healthier relationships both personally and professionally. Prior to becoming a full-time Coach, she spent 16 years serving in leadership roles as the Director of Programs and Vice President of Operations. Because of those roles, she’s passionate about healthy leadership as well. 

Charmaine also facilitates workshops, and offers one-on-one and group coaching. She’s led educational programs in private and public schools, universities, and nonprofit and for-profit organizations in support of creating positive, healthy, and flourishing environments. She also developed and taught curricula on healthy relationships to high school students. 

Visit her website: charmaineheard.com