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I’m thrilled you’re here, where my passion for facilitation and photography come together to create something truly special.

I’ve crafted a space where my love for bringing people together through group work intersects with my desire to showcase the beauty of my island home.

My inaugural offering, Unveiling the Present Moment: A Mindful Photography Workshop, is just the beginning.

Be sure to check back regularly as I’ll be adding more workshops to the site.

Whether you’re looking to book a private group tour or organize a corporate event, I’m here to make your experience unforgettable. Let’s create memories together and uncover the magic of the present moment through photography. Learn more about my consulting work here.

Thank you for stopping by, and I can’t wait to embark on this journey with you.

Unveiling the Present Moment: A Mindful Photography Workshop

This transformative program is designed to offer participants a unique blend of mindfulness and artistic expression through the lens of photography. As a photographer, I am passionate about sharing with others the transformative power of present-moment awareness together with being in appreciation.

This workshop aims to provide participants with a fresh perspective on the world around them, encouraging them to slow down, observe, and capture the beauty in everyday moments. 

Through a series of guided exercises and discussions, participants will learn techniques to quiet the mind, develop their visual perception, and translate their newfound awareness into intentional photographs.

Here’s a brief overview of what you can expect from the workshop:

No prior photography experience is necessary, as the workshop is designed to be accessible and engaging for individuals of all skill levels. Additionally, participants will use their cell phones to capture the images. By the end of the session, participants will feel more present and grounded in the moment, develop a keen eye for capturing everyday beauty, gain practical skills to elevate their photography, and have a deeper appreciation for the power of mindful observation.

This workshop is open to individuals and organizations that are looking for a unique team exercise. Request rates and available dates.

Workshop testimonials

“Aderonke has a masterful process that combines her love and gift for photography and heart for change management into an experience that allows you to explore and discover what captivates your attention. Through the simple exercise of looking for beauty from a different perspective, it allows you to see the world around you with new eyes. The activities allow for deep reflection in the safety of an activity of taking a simple picture with a device you engage with all day … your phone. Her use of appreciative inquiry to facilitate allowed me to put words to what I felt and thought in such a way that I am able to integrate it into multiple aspects of my life both professionally and personally. This unique experience is one that I highly recommend to anyone who embraces the invitation to be open to new possibilities.”

Charmaine Wright Orr,

Texas, USA

“There’s something so “soul-refreshing” about ABWilson’s Mindful Photography Walks. ABWilson’s gentle guidance to look with new eyes, to observe from different angles and vantage points, to get as close to the earth or perched as far away from it as possible — all while being in silence — is an unforgettable journey into deep witnessing and presence. Colors become more vibrant, sounds more textured, and things familiar suddenly take on new life. These photo walks are a rekindling of childlike appreciation and wonder! This exercise is a reminder that all we need is to set an intention to look, to really look, even for 30 minutes a day, to understand that a fresh perspective is just a shift in reference away and that the opportunity to live life fully is a precious choice. Thank you for this life-giving exploration, ABWilson Photography!”

Stacia Yearwood,

Talparo, Trinidad

Picture Perfect Tours

Do you long to take photographs of Bermuda’s breathtaking beauty? Picture Perfect Tours is your gateway to an unforgettble photographic adventure!

This is not your average tour company. I will take you beyond the beautiful pink beaches, venturing off the beaten path to unveil Bermuda’s hidden gems. Imagine strolling through vibrant local neighborhoods, soaking up the island’s rich culture, and experiencing its magic through the eyes of a true Bermudian.

Whether you’re a seasoned photographer with a DSLR arsenal or a smartphone enthusiast, Picture Perfect Tours welcomes you with open arms. I believe every lens holds the potential to capture Bermuda’s unique charm.

Join me on a journey of exploration and appreciation. Learn about Bermuda and capture breathtaking images that will be cherished memories of your trip.

I will guide you through captivating landscapes, charming lanes, and hidden spots, all begging to be captured through your lens.

Ready to unlock Bermuda’s photographic secrets? Send me an email. Let’s embark on a journey of vibrant colors, dynamic sights, and authentic experiences. Sign up for a Picture Perfect Tour today and capture the true essence of Bermuda!

Tours are $40 an hour per person with a minimum of two hours.

Sunset tours available upon request.