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Welcome to the Let’s Spend the Year Together 2024 December blog, Upon Reflection. I’m excited you are joining me on this experience.

As the days pass by, it’s easy to get caught up in the fast-paced whirlwind of life. However, taking a pause to reflect on the past year is an invaluable practice that offers profound insights and allows us to appreciate the journey we’ve traveled. This month, we explore the importance and joy of reflecting on the past year, and the transformative impact it can have when we identify the highlights and peak moments that have shaped our lives.

Back in August, I was talking with a friend telling her about some of the projects I had in progress. Her next words were simple, yet impactful, “You’ve done a lot.” I paused and thought about my year so far. I had launched a company, created a calendar and was in the process of developing a podcast. I thought, yeah, I have done a lot. I had not yet taken the time to appreciate my successes over the last eight months.

Finding Meaning in Reflection

Reflection is not simply dwelling on the past; it is an intentional act of seeking meaning and understanding. By dedicating time to reflect, we gain clarity about our experiences, emotions, growth and successes. It provides an opportunity to make sense of the ups and downs, extracting lessons and wisdom that can shape our future plans.

Reflection is also an act of self-care and celebration. Embrace the beauty of your past experiences, honor your growth, and savor the joyous moments. We shouldn’t shy away from sadness, grief or pain we may have experienced either. These emotions are a part of living. By reflecting, acknowledging and rejoicing, we create a strong foundation for a brighter future.

While in Bali last year this time, I met a man as I was walking through a park in Denpasar. He asked if I was a photographer. I said yes, and continued walking. However, I went back and asked if I could take his picture. He agreed. That was the start of a six-hour conversation. As we began talking, he shared he was celebrating his birthday by taking time to reflect on the past year and mentally put in place things for the upcoming year of his life. I learned about his life, his accomplishments that year and his plans for the future.

Cultivating Gratitude

Self-reflection is the practice of looking inward and examining thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Reflecting on the past year allows us to cultivate gratitude, appreciating the big and small blessings we encountered along the way. It’s an invitation to acknowledge the people, experiences, and opportunities that brought joy, laughter, and growth into our lives. Gratitude opens our hearts and fosters a positive mindset, creating a ripple effect of happiness and contentment.

Identifying Peak Moments

Within the tapestry of our lives, there are moments that shimmer brightly—the peak moments where time seems to stand still, and we feel fully alive and connected to our true selves. Reflecting on the past year helps us identify these highlights—those instances of immense joy, accomplishment, and fulfillment. They can be anything from personal achievements, moments of deep connection with loved ones, to pursuing our passions with unwavering enthusiasm. Recognizing these peak moments provides us with a roadmap to recreate such experiences and infuse our future with even more fulfillment and purpose.

Unveiling Personal Growth

Reflecting on the past year offers a unique opportunity to witness our personal growth and evolution. We gain insights into the opportunities we have encountered, the lessons we learned, and the strength we discovered within ourselves. By celebrating our growth, we nurture self-confidence and resilience, empowering us to tackle future endeavors with renewed vigor.

Setting Meaningful Goals

As we identify the peak moments of the past year, we gain a deeper understanding of what truly matters to us. This knowledge becomes a compass for setting meaningful goals in the future. Armed with the wisdom gained from reflection, we can align our aspirations with our passions, values, and the activities that bring us joy. By setting intentions that resonate with our authentic selves, we increase the likelihood of living a fulfilling and purposeful life.


In the busyness of daily life, reflection often takes a backseat. However, the practice of reflecting on the past year and identifying peak moments has immense value. It allows us to uncover the treasures hidden within our experiences and instills a sense of joy, gratitude, and self-awareness. Embrace the power of reflection and invite the beauty of your past year to surface and illuminate the path ahead. By honoring your journey, you lay the groundwork for a brighter and more fulfilling future.

Pick a day to reflect on this past year. What was a peak moment for you? What are you extremely proud of that you accomplished this year? If you have a journal, write a note to yourself, use your phone and write an enote, send an email to yourself.  So, take a moment, embark on this reflective journey, and celebrate the joyful gems that have shaped your life.

You are invited to join Leslie, Stacia and me on Thursday December 7 at 7:30pm Bermuda time/6:30pm EST for an exploration of Reflection. Meet the Upon Reflection team.

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